As a commercial photographer much of my time is spent helping companies and organizations communicate their story in a visual way. As the saying goes, a single image really can be worth a thousand words. “Image” is important, there’s just no getting around that.

Sometimes it’s not a business that needs help with their image though, sometimes it’s a person. In our hyper-connected world of Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter your first impression online can often impact whether you even get a chance to make a first impression in-person. Making sure you have a good headshot for those online outlets is key to ensuring you’re putting your best face forward. Beyond representing yourself and the company you work for in a professional and polished way, a good headshot could mean new opportunities coming your way, or not…

We think this is so important we’ve added a whole new page to our commercial website for it, called Corporate Portraits. You can take a look right here. We’ve made getting a headshot with us incredibly easy and affordable. There’s no reason not to have a corporate portrait that looks great. We’ve also answered a lot of questions people have about what to wear, how they’ll receive their images, and where these photos can be used. Head on over and take a look and let us know what you think, and if you’re in New Hampshire and you’d like to get a new headshot for yourself, we’d love to help!

Headshot Photographer New Hampshire

Corporate Headshots by Bill Truslow Photography

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