Lightroom Workshops

You’ve got a great camera.
You’re shooting all the time and getting better every day.
You’re ready to take your photography to the next level…Now what?

Discover the best way to edit your photos so they look amazing; crisp, vibrant, evocative.

Editing digital photographs is an art. Contrast, cropping, color correction…these adjustments can take a photo from good to great.

Learn how to make the most of your images in our 3 night Lightroom Workshop.

By far the most versatile and comprehensive editing software, Adobe’s Lightroom is the serious photographer’s first choice for managing and enhancing their images. Starting with the initial import of new images all the way through delivery of fully developed and retouched photographs, Lightroom will revolutionize your post processing.

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The Workshop…

Let Bill show you how to maximize your editing time by sharing his process and highlighting the best Lightroom has to offer. You’ll learn:

- how to adjust exposure levels and bring back dark shadows
– compensation for artificial lighting situations
– basic color correction
– retouching for skin
– cloning, cropping, vignetting and using masks to clarify your subject
– the most efficient way to catalogue & organize your files…and more.

Bill’s been using Lightroom for more than 8 years and understands the importance of an editing process that meets the high standards of his commercial clients while maximizing his time after every shoot. Utilize his experience to take your own photos to new heights.

New Hampshire Lightroom Workshop with Photographer Bill Truslow

The Workbook…

In addition to the in class instruction of his tried and true practices and editing processes, each student will leave with their own copy of Bill’s Lightroom Workbook. This detailed packet will recap all the lessons from the workshop, giving you the material you need when you need it, right at your fingertips.

The Details…

– All classes are held in Bill’s photography studio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
– Each 3 hour session includes a 20 minute midway break to stretch or grab a snack
– Students bring with them a laptop loaded with Lightroom and 10-20 images to work on during the course of the workshop
– Limited to 12 students, you’ll get plenty of personalized attention and be able to ask all your questions
– Each participants receives a detailed Lightroom Workbook for revisiting the lessons again when needed
– Exclusive access to alumni discounts for Bill’s travel photography workshops

The next session:

Winter 2015 : March 3, 10, & 17, 6-9pm FULL!

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Single registration $149 or
Book with a friend and learn together for $269, you both save 10%! 

What past students say…

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to grasp all the concepts of Lightroom quickly.” Lindsay H., Winter 2015

“If you have a background in Bridge & Photoshop and you want to learn the time-saving techniques of Lightroom, this is the course for you.” Thomas M., Winter 2015

“Bills’ class was great. He managed to condense a vast subject down into a weekend where we all learned a lot. I’m now digging through old photos to find any gems I can save with my newfound Lightroom skills. I highly recommend this class to any person enjoying photography and who wants to go the next level. Thanks for an exciting weekend Bill, looking forward to another class in the future!” – Jared F.

“I wanted a Photoshop class, but Bill convinced me to take his Lightroom seminar instead. I’m glad he did! Bill’s expertise with the software is thorough and practical and he gave us what we needed to go out on our own. Well done.” – Van B.

“I am so pleased that I took this course. Although a neophyte Bill showed me some of the “magic” available in this program: from initial file organization to post import development. My images are considerably easier to locate and the quality improvement is highly measurable.” – Jerry L.

“I’m a long time Photoshop user and was looking for a tool that would bridge the gap between Iphoto and Photoshop. Lightroom is the answer and with Bill guiding the way I was up and running in a very short time.” – David B.

“I enjoyed Bill’s understanding of the program and photography. He answered ever question I had. I will recommend this class highly!” – Carol V.