About Bill


Whether in his brick mill studio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire or among the bustling markets of Asia, you’ll find Bill Truslow with a camera in his hand. It’s been like this for decades.

A thirty year veteran of the commercial photography industry Bill has built a career helping companies and individuals alike translate their stories into dynamic, expressive images.

Combining his art school education and technical savvy, Bill has worked all over the world for companies like American Express, MassGeneral, and Fidelity Investments, shooting editorial and corporate images, as well as a variety of stock agencies. His photography has been published in annual reports, corporate brochures, and advertising campaigns.

For Bill, the goal of each workshop is that the students will come home with a collection of images that they love and are proud to have created, as well as the skills and excitement to keep shooting for years to come.

About The Workshops

Truslow Photo Workshops are based around two simple ideas:

  • we learn best when we combine instruction with hands on practice
  • new cultures and experiences are integral aspects of inspiration & artistic growth

Travel Photography Workshop leader Bill TruslowIt was with these ideas in mind that Bill began leading people on photographic adventures, both locally, and abroad. Tailored for those who have a basic understanding of their camera, but wish to better understand the individual aspects of manual shooting, these workshops are part retreat, part educational intensive.

Taking place in settings fit for postcards, full of vibrance and serenity, the exploration of culture makes for a perfect backdrop to photographic learning. Woven throughout the experience are opportunities to connect with fellow photographers and travelers. The camaraderie that results often lasts long into the night, and long after the return trip home.

Truslow Photo Workshops provide the unique opportunity to improve your skills, explore another culture, and engage with artists from all over the globe.

To get answers to some of the most common questions we receive check out our FAQs page and to reserve your spot on our next escape, click here.